In modern construction hollow core slabs are widely used, which have high strength, lightness and economy. One of the leading manufacturers of equipment for the production of such slabs is the Finnish company TDM Engineering Oy. TDM extruder lines allow to produce high quality boards with minimal costs.

Operating principle of extrusion plant for the production of hollow core floor slabs

The hollow core slab extruder production line from TDM Engineering Oy consists of several key elements:

  • Prestressing: at the very beginning, the reinforcement that will be inside the slab is pre-stressed.
  • Concrete mix: this is where the concrete mix is prepared, consisting of cement, water, sand and other additives.
  • Extruder: the mixture is fed into the extruder that forms the slab. Special screws inside the extruder ensure that the material is evenly distributed and that voids are formed within the slab.
  • Curing: the finished slab on the bed awaits curing for a certain time. To gain strength.
  • Cutting: after the slab has dried, it is cut to the specified dimensions using an automatic cutting saw.

Advantages of TDM Engineering Oy extruder line

1. High productivity: thanks to the automation of processes and efficient design of equipment, the line allows you to produce a large number of boards in a short time.

2. Material saving: accurate dosing of components and minimization of waste contribute to reducing raw material costs.

3. Product quality: modern technology and control at every stage of production ensure high quality of finished boards.

4. Ease of maintenance: the line is designed to be easy to operate and maintain, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Application of hollow core slabs

Hollow core slabs produced on TDM Engineering Oy's extruder line have a wide application in construction:

  • Slabs in multi-store buildings: due to their strength and lightness, the slabs are ideal for use as floor slabs.
  • Construction of warehouses and industrial facilities: the high load-bearing capacity of the slabs allows them to be used in structures with large spans.

The hollow core extruder production line from TDM Engineering Oy is an advanced solution in the field of building materials. It combines high productivity, economy and product quality, which makes it in demand in the market of construction equipment. Due to the wide application range of hollow core slabs, the investment in such a line pays off in the shortest possible time, providing a stable income for manufacturers.