The integration of technology in construction is becoming more and more important every day, and one innovative solution is the use of extruder for the production of floor hollow core slabs. This technology offers a number of benefits, from increased efficiency to reduced production time.

Fast and efficient

Extruders are designed for high-speed material formation. They can handle large volumes of concrete, resulting in significantly increased productivity.

Precision and quality control

Extruders provide a unique opportunity to control the slab casting process with high precision. This ensures uniformity and strength of the product, which is an important factor in the construction industry. The automation of the process with the extruder reduces the physical strain on the workers. This leads to improved working conditions and a reduced risk of occupational diseases, which is important for increased productivity and the long-term well-being of workers.

Resource savings

Using an extruder also involves saving resources. The material management process is more efficient, reducing waste and ensuring better material utilisation. The introduction of extruders encourages innovation in manufacturing, facilitating the development of new and more efficient hollow core floor slabs, concretes and concrete admixtures. This, in turn, contributes to the industry's growth and competitiveness.

Flexibility in design

Extruders provide flexibility in the design of floor slabs. They are able to create different shapes and sizes, which is important when building projects with unique architecture. Customers using extruder-produced floor slabs can benefit from reduced construction time and improved product quality. This promotes more efficient planning and saves the customer resources.

Resistant to weather changes

Extruders provide more consistent production regardless of weather conditions. This is important for construction sites where climatic changes can affect traditional production methods.

The introduction of extruders into the production of floor hollow core slabs brings many benefits, ranging from increased efficiency to reduced environmental impact. These technologies play a key role in the development of the construction industry, reducing production times and providing better quality results.

The use of extruders in the production of floor hollow core slabs is becoming a key element in the modern construction industry, bringing innovation, efficiency and sustainability to production processes and outcomes.