The tensioning of reinforcement is an important process in production, ensuring the durability and strength of reinforced concrete structures. PAUL jacks are the leading rebar tensioning equipment due to their reliability and efficiency.

Features of PAUL jacks

PAUL jacks are designed to handle wire, steel strands and steel periodic rebar. They are used in both precast concrete plants and construction sites. The main types include single hose, double hose and quad hose jacks, each with its own unique characteristics and designed for different applications.

  • Single hose jacks: used in plants for prestressed concrete elements.
  • Double Hose Jacks: A reliable jack with high capacity.
  • Four-hose jacks: Allows for gripping, tensioning, locking and piston rod return with two buttons.

Choosing a jack

The following factors should be considered when selecting a reinforcement tensioning jack:

1. Purpose: steel rebar, wire or steel strands.

2. Method of travel: Stationary or mobile models.

3. Type of attachment and fixing: depends on specific tasks and operating conditions.

PAUL jacks provide high performance and compliance with specifications to achieve uniform tensioning of rebar over the entire length.

Using PAUL jacks

To use the jack correctly, the manufacturer's instructions must be followed:

  • Connection to hydraulic power pack: PAUL jacks work with NG100 / NG50 hydraulic power packs or NG15 mini pumps.
  • Assembly and fixing of the reinforcement: The reinforcement, wire or steel strands are fastened and tensioned to the required force.
  • Anchoring and fixing: After tensioning, the reinforcement, wire or steel strands are fixed with anchoring devices.

Advantages of PAUL jacks

The use of PAUL jacks offers several significant advantages:

  • High performance: Fast and efficient tensioning of rebar.
  • Quality and reliability: Uniform tensioning of rebar, wire or steel strands, which improves the quality of precast concrete.
  • Ease of use: Easy to use and compact size.

TDM offers a wide range of PAUL jacks that meet high standards of quality and efficiency. The right choice of the jack guarantees successful performance of construction work and a long service life of reinforced concrete structures.

The choice of a reinforcing steel jack is a key factor for successful production. PAUL jacks ensure reliable and high quality tensioning, which is essential for the longevity of precast concrete.