The construction world is continuously looking for new methods and technologies to improve efficiency and reduce costs. One such innovative approach is the production of concrete slabs without the use of formwork, using extrusion technology. This method, which utilizes special equipment known as an extruder, is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry due to its high productivity and cost-effectiveness.

How an hollow core slab extruder works

An extruder is a machine that presses material through a mold. In the case of concrete slab production, an extruder is used to continuously form the concrete mixture into the desired shape without the use of traditional formwork. The process involves loading the concrete mix into the extruder, from where it is fed into a special pressing mechanism. Under pressure, the material is extruded through the holes, creating slabs of the desired shape and size.

Advantages of formwork-free production with extruder

The production of concrete slabs without formwork by extruder has a number of advantages that make this method increasingly preferred by construction companies.

  • Saves time and resources: Not having to set up and dismantle formwork significantly reduces production time and reduces material and labor costs.
  • High productivity: The extruders are able to work continuously, producing high quality slabs throughout the entire process, allowing for a significant increase in production volume.
  • Improved product quality: Due to the uniform pressure applied by the extruder, the slabs have higher strength and precise dimensions than with traditional formwork.
  • Minimal waste: Since the extruder forms the product in one continuous process, waste is minimized, contributing to the environmental sustainability of the production.

Applications in various production areas

Concrete hollow core slabs produced without formwork by extrusion are used in a wide application in various construction sectors.

Building construction: Concrete hollow core slabs are used for floor slabs and other building structures, making this method in demand in residential and commercial construction.

Formwork-free concrete hollow core slab production by extrusion is an efficient and innovative approach that significantly improves the production process and the quality of the final product. This method is already widely recognized in the construction industry for its cost-effectiveness, high productivity and excellent product quality. With advances in technology and further research in this area, we can expect to see even greater adoption of formwork-free concrete slab production in the future.